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What can a NZ owned Property Maintenance Contracting Company do to assist with the 17 SDG goals?  At APS, our evolving business practices, social and environmental initiatives have a direct impact on 14 with an indirect effect on the remaining 3.

The usual improving waste management and work practices methodologies as well as ongoing Health & Safety and staff wellbeing which is expected in our industry but APS does so much more than that.  We pay living wage as a minimum, gender equality and opportunity in our 6 trades and within management, extensive apprenticeship and cadetship programmes.  Refugee employment with NZ Red Cross, EAP (Employment Assistance Programme) available to all staff, year 13 Scholarships to 4 decile 1 High Schools, supporting the Painga Trust with South Auckland primary and intermediate schools.  Extensive conservation planting and pest control on 4 large rural properties, aiming for carbon zero certification by 2020, supporting child fund in Africa, East Timor and the Pacific region.

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